play the video it's an epic song

YoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Welcome to my Page

My YouTube Channel dollfie club mother webpage

Welcome Dooders


Yooooooooooo, welcome to my webcorner. This is probably one of the best things I've ever made but so far and I'm pretty proud with the work I've done. HTML is confusing as fuck and I'm just starting out and this has been an intersting learning experience this far. This website will be about the best I can do with HTML so don't expect anything crazy, and my HTML coding is messy so I'm sorry to any experienced people looking at it (if anyone will ever look at this site), I'm still a novice. So this website is just going to be general retardation. I'll post what I like here, my thoughts and other random stuff I feel like putting on here. I guess this will be something creative I can do with my free time. I hope you enjoy it


Yoooo yooo, I'm back, and I'm sorry I haven't been here for a while, and too be honest it's because I completely forgot about this website I've been trying to make. Yeah but uhhh life has been pretty good so far, I went to hang out with friends yesterday and it was pretty fun, and I'm currently trying to enjoy my fall by trying to hang with my friends but they're not accessible most days. But yeah we just stood around a camp fire and ate weiners, so yeah. Besides that, during my break I have also started playing an epic game called EarthBound and I've absolutely fallen in love with it so far. I've been recording myself playing it on my shitty YouTube channel, so if you wnat to watch my cringe commentary of me getting stuck in a town for upwards of 2 hours, go ahead. I'll be sure to make more posts here to continue this epic little project I guess. Maybe I'll make a webpage dedicated to the Mother Series. We'll see

Ok I made the Mother webpage, let's see how epic it'll turn out


Yoooo, it‘s the start of October today! The best month of the year. It’s when everyone starts to do spooky stuff and the weather gets nicer and cooler. October is primarilly the best month because it has my favorite holiday of the year in it, Halloween! I honestly can’t wait for it to roll around so I can go out and have some fun with friends. I think I’m going to buy some spooky games to play to set my in the mood for this great time of year, I’ll come back when I have some ideas


So uhh this will be posted the same day as the about section but I guess I'll talk about how my day went. So today I made a website and that's really just about the most interesting thing that happened today. I ate a baked potato for dinner with nothing on it, I’m gonna go to the store and buy some soup so I’m not eating like a poorfag. But uhh yeah that's all I really have to say for today

I just made a shitposting and images section today on this webpage and I think I'll make a dollfie page too so if there's anybody here go ahead and check them out. I also made a link to my YouTube channel, check it out if you want I think I’ll finally do something with it so I have another thing to do on my freetime

Yeah I just made the dollfie webpage, it'll be dedicated to cool dolls I find, and hopefully my own if I ever buy one soon, they're super fucking expensive so it might take a while and I'm a bit tight on money right now, and the people I live with might take it the wrong way (they're not made to do the dirty deed with) so uhh yeah check it out, it'll be called dollfie club


HTML Nice Girl

Bury Nice Girl I Stole From 4Chan

4chan is also full of trannies now (stinky)

miku doll

Narupajin's Miku doll, pretty adorbale bros. Check out my dollfie webpage too, it's pretty neat

shityanyo 1

shityanyo, the best Miku around! The head is in an odd spot but who knows maybe it could be made into fun times

why am i obsessed with blue haired fake girls